Moms Groups

Moms Groups

Moms Groups are really the heart of the Beacon Moms community – an opportunity to build true friendships with other women who understand the craziness of life as a mom. We laugh, cry, pray, ponder, and support one another through all the ups and downs of motherhood. We set aside time in our busy lives to take a deep breath and take care of our spirits. We would love to have you join us!

Each group is a small community where mothers get to know each other in a real way while talking about parenting and life and God. Groups meet every two weeks, with a Fall Session running from mid September to mid December, and a Winter Session running from mid January through mid May. We even offer free, loving childcare for many of our group times!

Please look at the group options below and choose one that you can attend consistently. More details about the schedule and plans for the group will be sent to you before your first meeting.

By the way, we also have a great Dads Group, so if you know any men who might be interested, have them contact Mike at to get connected.

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