Answering the Tough Questions on Immigration, Part 1

Answering the Tough Questions on Immigration, Part 1

Article 6 in the series

Last week, we looked at a few statements from our US bishops on the issue, and this week we’ll see how our bishops have addressed some of the tough questions surrounding immigration. Please keep all immigrants and refugees in your prayers and contact Andrew Musgrave at or 414-271-6577 with any questions.

There are several tough questions surrounding the issue of immigration, several of which have been raised in previous articles. To conclude the series, we’ll look at how Bishop John Wester and the US Bishops Migration Committee respond to these questions.

– How do we respond to the “illegal” arrival of people? While the Church has always respected the right of a country to protect its borders, the Church has also advocated for changing laws that violate the basic human dignity. Regarding immigration, the bishops believe that our broken system results in exploitation, abuse and death to migrants. For example, only 5,000 work visas for unskilled workers are granted per year, but over 300,000 are absorbed each year to fill positions. The comprehensive reform they request would restore order and protect dignity. Those who have broken laws would be required to pay fines and missed taxes, learn English and stand in the back of the line for the chance to become a citizen. It meets the needs of the migrants and fulfills our values as a nation of immigrants: freedom, fairness and opportunity.

– Are we only welcoming to immigrants from Latin America because they’re mostly Catholic? We are called by Jesus to “welcome the stranger” to all children of God, regardless of ethnicity, religion or heritage. Our social service organizations, schools and hospitals support people based on need, not creed.