Lent (Page 2)

Lent (Page 2)

Stations of the Cross Reflections

The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death This is how it all begins, sentenced like a common criminal, accused of crimes he has not committed. Yet, our Savior humbly accepts the criminality of all of humanity placed on His shoulders as our Passover lamb. It shakes me to think that just a few days previous, people from all walks of life were praising His name as Jesus…

Lenten Almsgiving 2020

Tikkun Ha-Ir (which means “Repair the City” in Hebrew) is an alliance of Jewish congregations working together to help address hunger and homelessness in Milwaukee.  Tikkun Ha-Ir Milwaukee has been working in the food justice and rescue space for almost a decade and has been running Veggie Chop Shop (VCS) since 2015. They have developed deep relationships with a multitude…

Lent 2018 Weekly Reflections

February 17-18 ENCOUNTER MAJD Eight-year-old Majd thought his family was going on a picnic. His mother, Lamya, said they would be back home in a week. But when ISIS attacked their home in northern Iraq, the family fled for good. “What worried me the most were the kids,” Lamya says. “Our life was stable and we were doing well; we had a very big house. Our children had…
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