Common Pastoral Council

Common Pastoral Council

Our Family of Four Parishes made the transition to a single parish council during the fall of 2015. This newly formed council, known as the Common Pastoral Council (CPC), took effect January 2016, and has three representatives from each of the four parishes. Its role is to act as the visioning body for the mission of Christ. The individual committees/commissions continue to operate for each parish and recruit and carry out the many ministries of our parishes with the help of the parish staff. The Common Pastoral Council typically meets the last Thursday of the month.

Common Pastoral Council Representatives

Old St. Mary
Heidi Belongia
Ginny Kollasch
Joseph Ziino

Dave Tully, Trustee Treasurer
Chris Hauser, Trustee Secretary

Our Lady of Divine Providence
Annette Lucchesi
Jennifer Wall
Jonathan Kuta

Saints Peter and Paul
Rosemary Reyes Cuevas
Marcia Frankiewicz
Steve Luke

Three Holy Women
Katie Falk
Paul Burgoyne
Tom Ewing

Common Pastoral Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes