Bacon Dads Group

Bacon Dads Group

Dads – We Have a Group For You Too! Bacon Dads was formed as an offshoot of “Beacon Moms.” Join a community of dads from a variety of faith experiences who share the common goal of developing a deeper faith through fellowship, conversation and the occasional beer. The hope is to become better men, husbands and fathers by sharing in each other’s wisdom and strength.

During this next session, the Bacon Dads will be studying the Old Testament readings that are read at the Easter Vigil. This night-time celebration of Easter is the climax of the Church’s liturgical life every year, and so any men wanting to enter into this formative event with greater understanding and preparation are more than welcome to join us. As Easter is earlier this year, we will also spend time with other aspects of the Easter-season’s liturgy after the big day.

Bacon Dads meet every other Thursday evening from 8:00 – 9:30 pm at the Family of Four Parishes Ministry Center (2479 N. Murray Ave.) 

Meeting Dates:
January 25
February 8, 22
March 7, 21
April 11, 25

If you are interested in joining these fun and faith-filled dads please register at

Questions? Contact Jacob Riyeff at or Andy Clausen at