First Century Judaism and Judaism Today

First Century Judaism and Judaism Today

Journey to the Holy Land with our Jewish Brothers and Sisters:
First Century Judaism and Judaism Today

75 years after the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, our world continues to be plagued by acts of blatant antisemitism.  In a recent address, Pope Francis reminded women and men of goodwill that “indifference is not admissible and memory is a must.

As a family of four parishes in Milwaukee, our 2020 Lenten journey is a journey to grow in our understanding of historical and contemporary Judaism; to worship as Catholics during Lent with a greater sensitivity to Jewish faith, ritual, and practice; to serve with and encounter in prayer our Jewish sisters and brothers; and to enter into our holiest of days without in any way diminishing or disparaging Jews or Judaism.

On February 18, author, editor and parishioner Jon M. Sweeney will introduce this year’s Lenten theme and invite us to see the urgent call to better understand the relationship between Christianity and Judaism if we are to be faithful to the Jesus the Church proclaims and whose death and resurrection we prepare to celebrate through the season of Lent. Jon will be joined by Rabbi Michal Woll of Congregation Shir Hadash who will share her reflections on how the first century Judaism we read in the New Testament has changed and developed into the Judaism we see today in 2020.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Three Holy Women Parish-Holy Rosary Church (2011 N Oakland Ave)

For more information, please contact Pastoral Associate, Chad Griesel, at or call 414-271-6180 x111.