Lent 2019 – Building Hope

This Lent, as we journey together as a family of four parishes and in companionship with Habitat for Humanity, our theme is “Building Hope.”  When you study the Sunday readings for this Lent, a sense of hope and a new future emerges from the stories of the Israelites coming out of Egypt. In Paul’s letters he points us forward to the hope of the resurrection – our faith, our hope is not in vain because Jesus died and rose again to save us.  The Gospel accounts demonstrate Jesus being like us, yet without sin, giving us a glimpse of heaven on the mountaintop, teaching us that our God is merciful beyond measure and Jesus himself does not condemn us but gives us hope and new life.

As we partner with Habitat for Humanity and their mission of bringing hope to people’s lives through building new homes, “Building Hope” became our theme.  No matter the challenge we face in life, we have hope in Jesus Christ. Whether we are on the mountaintop or in the depths of the valley, we have hope in Jesus Christ.  If we are far away from God or God’s closest companion, we have hope in Jesus Christ. We also need to bring hope to a world that is becoming more and more hopeless each day. It is because of this hope in Jesus Christ and the resurrection that we focus more closely on our prayer life, fasting and almsgiving each Lent.  We do not go on this journey in vain, but full of hope.

“It is not that I have already taken hold of it or have already attained perfect maturity, but I continue my pursuit in hope that I may possess it, since I have indeed been taken possession of by Christ Jesus. “ Philippians 3

“So we are ambassadors for Christ, as if God were appealing through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God; For our sake he made him to be sin who did not know sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God in him.” 2 Corinthians 5

Lenten Almsgiving Project

We are really excited to “build hope” for others in our support of Habitat for Humanity this year! Please prayerfully consider giving generously in time and money as we help to build an entire house for a family in need. Habitat boxes will be available through ESCYM, Family Ministry, Catholic East Elementary and in the back of the churches as together we work toward the very attainable goal of raising $50,000 for this project. The foundation will be poured at the end of March/beginning of April and the build will begin May 11. More details will be made available in the coming weeks.

Prayer, Formation and Service Opportunities during Lent

Don’t we all need to “build hope” in the sense of desiring ever more the kingdom of heaven and eternal life? Don’t we need to “build hope” for our world – especially the homeless and the poor – now more than ever? The following are some of the opportunities for us to “build hope” for ourselves and for others this Lent:

Ash Wednesday Masses – March 6

Ash Wednesday Visits to Homebound – March 6

Lenten Book Study – Evicted

Family Holy Hour – March 9

Taizé Prayer – March 13 & April 8

Communal Reconciliation – March 16

Eat, Drink & Be Catholic: Brian Sonderman, Habitat for Humanity – March 20

Family Justice Brigade – March 31

St. Joseph’s Tavolata – March 24

Catholic East Fish Fry – March 15, 29 & April 12

Prayer and Stations of the Cross during Fish Fry – March 15, 29 & April 12

Other Weekly Lenten Activities


Weekly Reflections

Weekly reflections will be posted here and available as bulletin inserts.

Stations of the Cross

Wednesdays (except Ash Wednesday)

  • before 12:05 pm Mass (11:45 am) at Old St. Mary (844 N Broadway)
  • after 5:30 pm Mass (6:00 pm) at St. Hedwig (1702 N Humboldt Ave)

Fridays (except Good Friday)

  • after 8:15 am Mass (8:45 am) at St. Hedwig
  • before 12:05 pm Mass (11:45 am ) at Old St. Mary

Reconciliation (Confession)

Communal Reconciliation: March 16 at 10:00 am at Three Holy Women-St. Hedwig (1702 N Humboldt)

Monday, Tuesday, Friday (except Good Friday): 11:30 am at Old St. Mary (844 N Broadway)

Saturday (except Holy Saturday)

  • 3:30 pm at Holy Rosary (2011 N Oakland) and Our Lady of Divine Providence-St. Casimir (2600 N Bremen)
  • 4:00 pm at SS Peter & Paul (2490 N Cramer St)