General Intercessions

General Intercessions


September 15, 2019

24th  Sunday in Ordinary Time



Priest:         Lord Jesus, you came to call us into the loving compassion of your Father: Lord, have mercy.

Christ Jesus, you gathered sinners to yourself and showed them the way to salvation: Christ, have mercy.

Lord Jesus, you gather us in this sacred house of prayer to shower us with mercy and forgiveness: Lord, have mercy.



The priest says an introduction to the intercessions. Afterwards, Lector 1 walks to the ambo and leads the intercessions

Priest:         Let us turn now to our merciful God with our prayers for one another and for the world.

That Church leaders everywhere will be inspired by today’s Gospel to seek the lost and bring them back into a living relationship with God and the Church, we pray to the Lord: R.

That those who seek political office will keep the needs of the poor and disenfranchised in the forefront of their campaigns, we pray to the Lord: R.  

For peace in our hearts, that we may be motivated to find nonviolent ways to handle discord and disagreement and bring peace to our world and our neighborhoods, we pray to the Lord: R.

That those who are separated from family because of long-festering disagreements will come to their senses and seek reconciliation, we pray to the Lord: R.

For this assembly and our entire four parish family that we may always value and respect every life from conception to natural death, we pray to the Lord: R.

For our newly married, especially Amanda Diedrich and Nicholas Mannebach and Kimberly Gendron and Kevin Murray, that they may shine as witnesses to the love of God and the ways of heaven, we pray to the Lord: R.

For our sick; our poor, our homeless, our lonely and all who are abandoned by society; For those who have died, especially Kelly Randa and Geralyn Rolph. For _______N. _______ for whom this mass is being offered and for all the prayers we hold in our hearts, [pause] we pray to the Lord: R.

4:30 PM               Ernst Brenner,

7:15 AM              Mary Centinario,

9:00 AM              the living and deceased members of Old St. Mary Parish,

11:30 AM            Samuel Sauceda 

Priest:         God of mercy and love, you have always welcomed your people back no matter how far we have strayed. Listen to our prayers and bless us on our journey as we seek our home in you. We ask this and all our prayers through Christ our Lord.

The priest will conclude the intercessions with a prayer. Return to your pew.