General Intercessions

General Intercessions


June 16, 2019 —  Feast of the Most Holy Trinity



Priest:         Lord Jesus, you are the eternal Son of the FatherLord, have mercy.  R.  

Christ Jesus, you come in word and sacrament to save your people: Christ, have mercy.  R.

Lord Jesus, you sent your Holy Spirit to bring light and peace to the world: Lord, have mercy.  R.


The priest says an introduction to the intercessions. Afterwards, Lector 1 walks to the ambo and leads the intercessions.

Priest:         Assured of the love and compassion of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we call to mind our needs and raise up our prayers to God.

For the Church, that we may never cease proclaiming God’s infinite love for humanity, creating, redeeming, and sanctifying us, now and forever, we pray to the Lord: R.

That people of all nations may treat God’s creation as holy and worthy of care, we pray to the Lord: R.       

For all who work on the land or sea: farmers and ranchers, fishermen and sailors, and all who work outdoors, that they may always be blessed with the bounty of nature, we pray to the Lord: R.

For our fathers, grandfathers, and all who have fathered and guided us throughout our lives, for those who are living and those who have passed on to eternal life, we pray to the Lord: R.

That the love of God, poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, may bring peace and comfort to all those who suffer, we pray to the Lord: R.

For our newly married, especially Lori Albright and William Bonifas; Heather Wichman and Christian Munoz; Alexandra Vanden Heuvel and Tyler Monroe, that they may shine as witnesses to the love of God and the ways of heaven, we pray to the Lord: R.                                                   

That the newly baptized, especially, Ellianna Gnat, may they be drawn ever more deeply into the Christian way of life, we pray to the Lord: R.

For _______N. _______ for whom this mass is being offered and for all the prayers we hold in our hearts, [pause] we pray to the Lord: R.

4:30 PM               David Joseph Blader Sr.,

7:15 AM              The living and deceased members of the Narloch Family

9:00 AM              Joe Panella,

11:30 AM            the living and deceased members of Old St. Mary Parish,

Priest:         Triune God, you revealed yourself to your people through your wisdom, truth, and love. You have taken delight in the human race and poured out your love into our hearts. Hear the prayers of those you love and grant them in your holy name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

The priest will conclude the intercessions with a prayer. Return to your pew.