Staff Changes

Staff Changes

Dear Friends,

We believe that you deserve the absolute best staff and resources to help you grow in your friendship with Jesus Christ. With this in mind, we are very pleased to share the following update on some recent staff changes.

First, please join us in welcoming Laura Hancock as our new Director of Social Justice and Outreach. Laura and her family are members at Saints Peter and Paul and she previously worked in Campus Ministry at Messmer High School. She has a deep love for service to the poor and a strong background in social justice formation, so we are excited to have her onboard!

Second, following the retirement of Ralph Stewart, our long-time Director of East Side Child and Youth Ministry (ESCYM), we are happy to announce that Anh Clausen has agreed to serve as Director of Family Ministry and Religious Formation. She will continue her work as Director of Family Ministry while also working closely with the religious formation team to grow our Family Faith Formation program and the sacramental preparation previously coordinated by ESCYM.

For many years, Ken Gardinier has overseen the Religious Education program at Old Saint Mary. We want to thank Ken for his generous and loving service! At this time, we have decided to incorporate this previously separate program into our four-parish Family Faith Formation program (which will continue to serve also the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist). Ken will continue to work as part of the combined religious formation team and will also serve as the Family Ministry Coordinator for Old Saint Mary Parish.

A few related notes on these changes:

  • Nadine Stoltz will continue her work as an administrative assistant for Family Ministry.
  • Brianna Pribek will move from Old Saint Mary to serve as the Family Ministry Coordinator at Saints Peter and Paul.
  • Nino Rebholz now serves as Associate Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. He will continue to lead our middle school ministry (Nova) as well as taking over our high school ministry and Confirmation preparation program.
  • We are excited to welcome Mamie Riyeff as Family Ministry Coordinator for Three Holy Women Parish starting July 22.

Additionally, here is a brief recap on some of our previously announced staffing changes. Tony Gonzalez has begun his work as the principal of Catholic East Elementary. Steve Altman now serves as our new Director of Maintenance for the four parishes following the retirement of John Fellin. After the retirement of Joseph Wittmann at Old Saint Mary, Brian Eggers now serves as Director of Liturgy and Music for both Saints Peter and Paul and Old Saint Mary. Mary Robertson continues to serve as Director of Liturgy and Music for both Three Holy Women and Our Lady of Divine Providence. With the gracious help of our part-time organists, know of our commitment to beautiful music and liturgy.

Finally, several staff members serve on our ‘Parish Leadership Team’ (PLT) which assists Fr. Tim and Fr. John in their shepherding of the parishes. Thanks to Chad Griesel, Terri Balash, and Anh Clausen! Their valuable input at weekly PLT meetings helps focus staff meetings, improve overall communication, and better discern pastoral priorities.

Please know how amazed we are on a daily basis by your goodness and faithfulness! You deserve a dedicated staff to help you grow in your discipleship and journey of faith. After prayer, discernment, and help from the Parish Leadership Team, we believe these changes in our staff (while admittedly a little complex!) will best serve your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or any other feedback.

Sincerely, with love,

Fr. Tim, Fr. John, Chad, and the Four Parish Staff