Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Welcome to our New Youth Minister – Nino Rebholz!

We are excited to announce that we have a new part-time Youth Minister dedicated to serving the middle school and high school youth of our four parish family. Nino Rebholz began his position on June 6 and jumped right in with coordinating the 45 youth volunteers who help with our Good News Adventure summer camp. This summer, Nino will be getting to know our parishes and planning for a great year of ministry that will launch in September. Stay tuned for exciting developments ahead! Read on to get to know Nino a little better:

Hello! My name is Nino Rebholz, and I am so excited to get to know you all as your new Youth Minister! I can’t wait to share my experiences, insights, and passions with you as we grow deeper in faith together.

I was raised in Wauwatosa, where I attended Christ King Parish and then Marquette University High School. Though I completed my undergrad at UW-Milwaukee in Business Administration, during my time there I was also very involved with leadership through Panther Catholic (formerly known as the Newman Center); I am now working on my Master’s degree in Systematic Theology. I am the youngest of three and the majority of my family lives in the Milwaukee area, so I have great love for my family and for the city of Milwaukee. Finally, the details on my family conclude with the exciting news that in August I will be marrying my best friend Amy!

I proudly consider myself a goofy individual. I love camping, playing beach volleyball, and other outdoor sports and activities. One of my biggest passions is my love for music. I have been playing bass guitar for over ten years and was even in a band for several years. I enjoy everything from classic rock, bluegrass, and funk to contemporary Christian and newer bands. In my spare time, I love to read, go on the occasional Netflix binge, and just spend time with friends and family.

At 25 years old, I look back on my life and reflect on how God has truly worked in my life. I had no idea ‘my plans’ would lead me to being your new Youth Minister. Throughout grade school and high school, my faith was, at best, a hobby. This mediocre faith led to heavy doubt, disbelief, and even atheism during my first few years in college. Fortunately, I asked many questions and maintained an open heart. Ultimately, God called me in amazing ways to not only reignite my faith, but to dedicate my life with absolute zeal for the Truth that He is. Now, one of my greatest passions is Youth Ministry, as I know I am called to show our youth that God is very much alive. When our youth take steps in the direction of Jesus, even in the face of modern distractions and temptations, there is tremendous power that results. I will dedicate all my thoughts and energies to ensure our youth know that power.

If you want to share your ideas, ask a question, volunteer to help with youth ministry, or just say hello, you can contact me at I can’t wait to get to know everybody, to have some fun, and to walk this faith journey together!

– Nino